Digital Economy Bill passes. Rage Follows.

Well, it’s been a while since I have blogged, but since the Digital Economy Bill has just been passed, and I have received a response from my MP, I feel I needed to post something!

After contacting my MP (Tessa Jowell) via the 38 Degrees Site:

I finally received a response, not surprisingly, after the bill had been passed. The response was as below:

Thank you for contacting me with regard to the Digital Economy Bill. I have received a large amount of correspondence on this issue and am fully aware of the strength of feeling on both sides of this debate. As you may know the majority of this bill was passed by the House of Commons last night and has now been sent to the House of Lords for further scrutiny.

I have written to the Department for Business Innovation and Skills on this matter and on a number of individual concerns raised by constituents. The response I received can be viewed on my website via the link below.

Thank you for taking the time to raise this issue.

Regards and best wishes,
Tessa Jowell MP

I cannot put into words how enraged I am by this bill passing; it has not had a proper debate (only 20 MP’s were present for the majority of it’s first reading), and for such a significant issue which is likely to hold back the future of technology development, this is absolutely appauling.

Anyway, I have responded to Ms Jowell with the below.

Thank you for your response.

I would like to point out that these kind of draconian measures will NOT be earning my vote at the upcoming election. I had been planning on voting for Labour at the next election, however I will be moving my vote on the back of this, as I am sure many other constituents will do.
This government seems focused on supporting bullying from rights holders (the majority of which are not even based in the UK) rather than looking at the bigger issue, and listening to the people of the United Kingdom.

This issue ultimately is not about illegal copyright infringement, it is about Net Neutrality, and the fact that we should live in a free country. There is no way to carry out these measures without spying on consumers of the Internet. If someone insisted on opening every piece of mail you received through the door before you had chance to see it, I am sure that you would object. This is no different.

Not only this, but it does not seem to take into account that there is considerable evidence that it is in fact those people who ‘illegally’ download content who actually go on to purchase more of it.

The fact that anyone educated in technology was opposed to this view should have opened your eyes to the true facts that this is an underhand way of giving money to the heavy handed music industry at the cost of the general public.

This bill needed proper debate, and until the Labour government retracts this bill and ultimately takes a stance firmly against it, you will stand no chance of receiving my vote.
This is unfortunate, as I don’t want to see a Cameron government, however I simply cannot support such a backwards party.

I hope that as my MP you will take these views on board; they may just be the opinions of one voter, but they stand for the rights of every citizen of this country who has the right to surf the Internet without prejudice.

Yours Sincerely,
Andrew Griffiths

I await her response with baited breath.

If you believe in this country and it’s freedom, I urge you not to vote Labour until this farce is put to rest.

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    John Griffin Says:

    Completely agree. As you say anyone who knew the slightest thing about technology thought this was a bad idea!

    Not voting Labour – hope it helps!