Wii Storage: This makes me angry

So, I’ve just read that NOE Marketing Director Laurent Fischer has been quoted as saying that Wii storage is not a problem, and that the issue is only relevant to Geeks and Otaku.

I don’t care what he says. I have 2 VC games and 2 WiiWare games and my console is full. Perhaps I fit into those above catergories, but that’s irrelevant – surely that’s the audience that will be spending their money on these games.

If the big N really want to get into the downloadable content game, they need to sort this out soon. Lets just hope he’s building hype in preparation for an announcement at E3…

For now, I certainly wont be buying any more VC or WiiWare games until they release some external storage – it’s just too much of a hassle.

One Response to “Wii Storage: This makes me angry”

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    Antony Ellis Says:

    This pisses me off too. I download a lot of VC games and my system is now full and some of my titles have had to be painstakingly moved over to SD card (this takes a f**king age!)

    Nintendo needs to sort it out, but I do understand that they may not want to split the market by having some consumers have a HDD and some not, especially if developers start taking that into account when creating games and creating titles where HDD is essential. While I know I’d drop £££ to fit a hard drive to my Wii, my lil sis might not be able to and that might prevent us from playing Animal Crossing together for example.